Skill you are practising: How is addition and multiplication related to each other

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Which expression equals 3 × 4?

Oh no! That was incorrect!

The correct answer is:

Here is an explanation

First, let's check the question

Which expression equals 3 × 4?

Your incorrect answer is:

Next, let's check the solution.

Repeated addition can be defined as adding equal groups together. To solve a multiplication problem, we repetitively group and add the same number again and again to find the answer

You can use repeated addition to show 6 × 3.

Let's use an array model of dots (columns and rows) to showcase 6 × 3. We can use 6 rows and 3 columns of dots (number in each row)

Check below the array of dots with 6 rows and 3 dots in each row.

You are able to find the number of dots in the array by multiplying 6 × 3 (check the multiplication skill builder to practice this) or by adding 3s together 6 times.