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OnlineMathsPractice Features


Core Features

What we provide is exceptional math skill builder engine that is FREE and engaging at the same time. Below are some of the features that will help you understand what OnlineMathsPractice.com is capable of. New skills are constantly been worked on. Keep exploring and send us your feedback on what would you like to see in future.



OnlineMathsPractice.com is offered free of cost, although you can create a paid account to get support.

Real time

Monitor how students are performing in real-time.

School accounts

Add teachers, manage students and classroom with ease.

Parent accounts

Add children to manage real-time practice assignments with hundreds of skills.


Question complexity adjusts automatically for most skills to match student's progress.


When a student earns 10 stars for a skill, they earn a certificate and points.


Students can use the points they earned from completing a skill on various things such as avatars, games etc.

3 level

To earn a certificate, student needs 10 stars, they can come easy when answering and learning in "easy" mode. "medium" and "hard" modes are designed to make earning those 10 stars harder.


You can close student account any time. With that all assiciated data gets deleted from our servers immediately.

24/7 practice

OnlineMathsPractice is a web based solution, this means that the application is available round the clock unless there is any outage.

Aligned mostly to common core

Most skills are common core aligned with some aligned to Australian and New Zealand school curriculum. Example: Skills related to money use Australian currency.

Classroom assignments

Teachers can assign skill practice to whole classroom and monitor student progress in real time.

Distraction detector

If you are monitoring your students from different room, OMP's systems will detect if the student is distracted.

Scientific calculator

An online scientific calculator is provided under tools menu which students can use if and when needed. This is handy if a student is not carrying his/her calculator.

Updated weekly

More skills are being added on weekly basis. It's handy to bookmark the page and revisit to check if any new skills are available.


You can report a bug easily or request a skill that you would like your students to practice. We will do our best to being any static content ideas to life.